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Ask Giada

Your Culinary Concierge

Whether you have a burning kitchen conundrum or are looking for the best pizza in Rome, we can help! Leave your culinary questions below and Giada or someone from her team will get back to you.

Help is on the way!

Recent Discussions


Looking to going to Italy for 25th wedding anniversay. Any recommendations of…

Posted 10 hours ago in General by jconcha

Purging shell fish, I usually soak and change the water a few times, but I…

Posted 14 hours ago in How To by katiekaz526

looking for the g necklace?/ any help would be great

Posted 2 days ago in General by grandmac3

what is an easy tasty spaghetti recipe for a beginner

Posted 1 week ago in Recipes by willyjhopuky
Last reply 3 days ago by katiebenson4

Giada I have loved for about 10 yrs ever since i was a teenager. one thing i…

Posted 3 days ago in Recipes by katiebenson4

Hi, I'm looking for cannelloni bean and sausage stew with fennel. Thank you.

Posted 6 days ago in Recipes by slkaintz

I'm trying to find your recipe with pork chops, apples and pancceta but with…

Posted 1 week ago in Recipes by chris_tmas

Trying to get a reply to my emails? Help. I been trying for the past 3 days w/emails about purchase this item with no response. 111josephm@gmail.com Joseph Matranga

Posted 1 week ago in General by josephmatranga

Hi Giada, Do you have an authentic recipe for the cornetti? Thanks.

Posted 1 week ago in Recipes by lindaoc

Giada, Will you be manufacturing more Ciao Bella & Ciao Bello mugs anytime…

Posted 1 week ago in Products by td0329

Giada you influence me everyday to cook beautiful meals for my family and to…

Posted 1 week ago in General by linny6

Since I am not familiar with your cookbooks which would be the best to follow…

Posted 1 week ago in General by stevef3

Hi Giada, I wanted to thank you for recommending Del Cambio in Turin. Such a…

Posted 2 weeks ago in Restaurants by shar11

Perfection from beginning to end .....

Posted 2 weeks ago in Restaurants by shar11